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Back in May I wrote a post on how Microsoft need to revamp their OS products, and one way to do that would be by making an Internet OS, or Cloud OS.  This was, at the time, more a piece of fantasy born from listening to an interview with the CEO of Sun Micro-systems, who said they were busy making lots of hardware for data centers.  And also listening to other people defending Vista.  It seemed to me that the time was right for Microsoft to do something different.

As I was pretty close to the money on this one, I thought that I might comment further.  If you look at the trends, and more importantly where the money is going/coming from, this sort of move by Microsoft is a no-brainer.  I'm sure they have been working on this long before my comments, but the implications of a move such as this for Microsoft, on the whole "cloud computing" argument is pretty big.

If you were worried about Google having all your information, are you going to be more comfortable with Microsoft having it?  If you were worried about the 'net getting gummed up by all the bit torrent traffic, what's it gunna be like getting your emails when you're competing for bandwidth with someone uploading their summer holiday photos?  And how do you recover from an internet "Blue Screen of Death"?

Well it looks like we are going to be finding out, as Microsoft will be announcing both Windows 7 (code named "Windows: A New Hope"), and the fore-mentioned Windows Cloud at the upcoming PDC 2008.

Jason Remnant
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