To beat iPhone we need to go the Linux...really?

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Found this piece on about the Nokia and Intel announcement of a new Linux-based operating system for portable devices.  We have seen Intel push into the Netbook Linux space with the Moblin operating system, but this project, with Nokia on board, seems more focused at an attempt at the iPhone/iPad market.
Again we see big companies scrambling to compete with the threat of an Apple product before it is released and even with all the bad press towards it.  It seems that Nokia and Intel think that the iPhone and iPad are going to continue to be a success. post "MeeGo: A New Linux OS to Fight iPhone, iPad and More", does point out that MeeGo will also be competing with the Chrome OS as well as Apple, not to mention all the other device vendors.  I'm wondering if the world need more fragmentation in the OS space? And is the OS really the space that needs to be fixed or improved?

The iPhone OS is an important part of the package, but surely Nokia must realise that getting the hardware right is more important than an app store.  The thing that will beat the iPhone is a standard hardware that works, and Android without background processes.  And as for Windows Mobile 7, this video from Engadget should scare you away.  How many time does he miss hit the screen or have to re-hit or wait for it to respond?  It is not as though they don't have the interface benchmark to copy from.


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...if it isn't Broken, then try Opensource, the hippies want mind.

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